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Alice Spencer Geddes Lloyd - A Guide

This guide will help researchers find information about Alice Lloyd, including her early life, her journalism career, and the 45 years she dedicated to educating the youth of Appalachia.

Biographical Sketches

"Alice Spencer Geddes"

Sketches of Representative Women of New England (1904, New England Historical Publication Co.)
eBook ( file; free to the public)

A biographical sketch of Miss Geddes, the journalist, newspaper editor, and intellectual. The sketch provides an overview of her early life and discusses her notoriety as a journalist.




"Alice Spencer Geddes Lloyd"

Notable American Women: The Modern Period: A Biographical Dictionary (1980, Belknap Press, Harvard University)
Call Number: REF 920.72 N843

The biographical sketch contained in this work provides a rare mention of Mrs. Lloyd's early life, as well as a discussion of the Caney Creek Community Center and her work there.

Scholarly Works

A College for Appalachia by P. David Searles. (1991, University of Kentucky Press)
Call Number: 370.092 Se17
eBook (via JSTOR; use EBSCO A-Z login for off-campus access)

P. David Searles provides a comprehensive and balanced look at the history of Alice Lloyd College (and Mrs. Lloyd herself), consulting numerous primary and secondary sources, ultimately analyzing not only the work Alice Lloyd accomplished, but also the history--and the impact--of settlement schools in the region. 

Biographies on Alice S.G. Lloyd

Alice Lloyd - Boston's Gift to Caney Creek by Robert W. Sloane (1982, Thoroughbred Press).
Call Number: 371.10092 L775

"The purpose of this book is to preserve as much of the original writings of Mrs. Lloyd as possible for a smooth flowing narration of her struggles at Caney Creek." - Dust jacket.




Miracle on Caney Creek by Jerry C. Davis (1982, Caney Creek Community Center).
Call Number: 378.769 D294

Compiled largely from interviews with June Buchanan and materials from the McGaw Library Archive, Jerry C. Davis constructs a narrative about Alice Lloyd's 45 years on Caney and the work she accomplished.




What My Heart Wants to Tell by Verna Mae Slone (1979, New Republic Books)
Call Number: 976.9 Sl54WH
eBook (via JSTOR; use EBSCO A-Z login for off-campus access)

Slone describes her life at Caney Creek, including her childhood experiences, her determination to refute common stereotypes, and her association with Alice S.G. Lloyd.


Fictional Works based on Alice S.G. Lloyd

Smiling Pass
by Eliot H. Robinson (1921, The Page Company).
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The Man from Smiling Pass, Or The Honorable Abe Blount by Eliot H. Robinson (1924, The Page Company)
Print Only - Not Owned by Alice Lloyd College

The last two novels in the "Smiles" trilogy by Robinson are a thinly-veiled account of Alice S.G. Lloyd's journey to Caney Creek and her work educating the people of the Appalachian region. Although the publisher of Smiling Pass provides a disclaimer that the work does not represent any one specific person, scholars, including P. David Searles in A College for Appalachia, cite these works as novelizations of Lloyd's early years in Kentucky.

Caney Girl by Florence Castle Ison (1994, Vantage Press)
Call Number: 813.54 Is7 1994

The author, Florence Castle Ison, presents a semi-autobiographical account of her life at Caney Creek as a student. Alice Lloyd, June Buchanan, and other key figures in the Caney Junior College/Alice Lloyd College story are featured.