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Services for ALC Faculty

About Choice Reviews

Choice Reviews is the premier resource for selecting resources for academic libraries. As faculty members of Alice Lloyd College, you are encouraged to select materials that support your department's coursework. This guide is intended to provide an overview of how to access and use Choice Reviews.


How to Use Choice Reviews

The CR site is IP authenticated.  If you are within IP authentication (on campus),  you can create a UN & PW, by clicking on Log In at the top tool bar and then click on Create Account. After you have created your UN & PW (on campus), you can use it remotely.

A UN & PW allows you to create a List and then from the List make it a Cardstack.  The Cardstack enables you to share titles with your colleagues, and it allows them to vote on each title and add a comment too.  It is a good way to exchange information with your colleagues. We also have a link that will let you add titles to your GOBI Cart.

With a UN & PW, you can also Save Searches and set up Alerts.  The alerts can be sent every 30 days or every seven if you want to see the new titles sooner.

When on the website, you will notice on the left that there are many facets you can click on (one at a time) to filter your search results. You can limit by Subject Area, Readership Level, Recommendation Level, Review Date range, Format, Outstanding Academic Titles, or Community College titles.

Choice Reviews Quick Start Guide

Here are links to four video tutorials that will help you navigate the site:

The information you need to enter to create an account is: