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Alice Spencer Geddes Lloyd - A Guide

This guide will help researchers find information about Alice Lloyd, including her early life, her journalism career, and the 45 years she dedicated to educating the youth of Appalachia.

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The Appalachian Oral History Collection

The Appalachian Oral History Project (AHOP) is located in the McGaw Library Archives. As of May 2017, the AHOP is undergoing a digitization project.

The AHOP is protected by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, U. S. C.). Reproductions are made only for use as personal study or research. It is the user's responsibility to verify copyright ownership and to obtain all necessary permissions prior to the reproduction, publication, or other use of any portion of these materials. The Appalachian Oral History Project reserves copyright of the collection; interviews without release forms are the property of the interviewer and interviewee. Written permission is required for publication. Patrons may quote only from interviews with written permission of the Appalachian Oral History Project. 

Transcribed Oral Histories About Alice S.G. Lloyd

To hear the audio of these interviews and/or view the transcripts, please visit the McGaw Library. 

Tape 15 - Charlotte Madden
Daughter of Commodore Slone and granddaughter of the family housing Mrs. Lloyd when she first arrived in Knott County.

Interview Outline:

  1. Life before Alice Lloyd
  2. First memories of Alice Lloyd
  3. Jeannette Hammond Slone, her mother, an early student of the Caney School
  4. Commodore Slone, her father
  5. Mrs. Lloyd’s work in the community
  6. Teachers brought in by Mrs. Lloyd
  7. Courses the Community Center taught
  8. How Mrs. Lloyd improved education in the mountains
  9. Students and Mrs. Lloyd’s relationship with them
  10. Madden’s siblings and college
  11. Lloyd’s effect on local lives
  12. Madden’s years at Caney
  13. College and Community relationships
  14. June Buchanan
  15. ALC graduates returning to serve 

Tapes 40 A-B - Lyge Johnson
Son of Abisha Johnson, the man who brought Mrs. Lloyd to Caney Creek. Served the college as a mail carrier for 18 years.

nterview Outline:

  1. When Alice Lloyd first came to Caney Creek
  2. ​School Days
  3. Family
  4. Activities of Mrs. Lloyd when she first started the school
  5. Activities of Miss Buchanan
  6. People’s reaction to Mrs. Lloyd
  7. Early people who went to school at Alice Lloyd
  8. Mail carrier of 18 years for college
  9. Different places he’s lived
  10. Songs (some about Mrs. Lloyd).

Tape 44 B - Buena Ramsey Howell
Early Alumna of Caney Junior College; teacher and librarian.

nterview Outline:

  1. Early Life; sent to Alice Lloyd at the age of 10; Alice Lloyd’s reaction to her
  2. Mrs. Lloyd’s work & the Alice Lloyd College story
  3. June Buchanan
  4. The improvements in education in Appalachia
  5. Howell’s family
  6. The Caney Crusaders

See also: The Buena Ramsey Howell scrapbooks & ephemera, McGaw Library Archives.

Tapes 55 A & B - Carew Slone
Early Alumnus of Caney. Became a teacher and, later, manager of the campus print shop. 

nterview Outline:

  1. Education
  2. People’s reaction to Mrs. Lloyd
  3. The beginning of Pippa Passes
  4. His Childhood
  5. Alice Lloyd’s schools
  6. Alice Lloyd’s students
  7. Hawk Slone
  8. Clabe Jones
  9. Medicine
  10. Transportation
  11. Childhood memories

Tape 990 - June Buchanan
Co-founder of Caney Junior College; close friend and long-time co-worker of Mrs. Lloyd.

​​Interview Outline:

  1. Preacher Billy and his viewpoints
  2. The Caney Crusades
  3. Heavy snow in May
  4. Mrs. Lloyd’s early life and her reasons for coming to Kentucky
  5. Sycamore – the tree that owned itself
  6. Anecdote about Mrs. Lloyd; learning to give

Tape 1182 - Rush Slone
Early Alumnus of Caney. 

Interview Outline:

  1. Alice Lloyd's relation to Rush
  2. What made Alice Lloyd come to Kentucky
  3. Mrs. Lloyd's religious beliefs
  4. Leaders she produced
  5. Closeness of Alice Lloyd to her students
  6. Mrs. Geddes (Alice's mother)
  7. Change in setting for Alice Lloyd
  8. Early community men
  9. Early teachers
  10. Mrs. Lloyd's horse
  11. People's first opinion of Alice Lloyd

Tape 1626 - June Buchanan's Bacculaureate Address, May 1978


Recollections of Mrs. Lloyd; the origins of the Purpose Road philosophy; the development of the sign posts; some history of the buildings on campus; Mrs. Lloyd’s spirituality; Reader’s Digest & This is Your Life.