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Alice Spencer Geddes Lloyd - A Guide

This guide will help researchers find information about Alice Lloyd, including her early life, her journalism career, and the 45 years she dedicated to educating the youth of Appalachia.

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Finding Articles Online

Elephind is a free search engine for historical newspapers.

Articles written by Alice Spencer Geddes printed in The Cambridge Tribune and The Cambridge Chronicle, as well as some of her freelance work, can be found using this database. 

Search tips:

  • Use Advanced Search. This will allow you to search specific newspapers as well as articles printed within a specific date range. 
  • Elephind pulls articles from around the world. Choose United States in Advanced Search to ensure that articles printed in the United States are the ones retrieved. 
  • Ensure that All Sources is selected. The articles are stored in several different databases, including the Boston College Archives, Chronicling America, and the Cambridge Public Library.

The Internet Archive is an online repository of images, texts, films, and software that have entered the public domain.

There are numerous objects relating to Alice Spencer Geddes located in the Internet Archive. One can find clippings in a scrapbook or a program from a lecture she gave in someone's diary. But, most importantly, the Internet Archive contains numerous articles she wrote, and especially articles from 1907-1914, just years before she came to Kentucky.

Search Tips:

  • Try a variety of keywords. "Alice Spencer Geddes" or "Alice Spencer Geddes Lloyd" will produce more results than "Alice Geddes" or "Alice Lloyd." 
  • In advanced search, do not use the date range field. In the Internet Archive, date usually refers to the date materials were published on the archive, not the date it was originally published.
  • The search tool will highlight where your keywords appear. This is very helpful as newspaper pages were densely packed during Mrs. Lloyd's time.
  • Sometimes an article will only casually mention Mrs. Lloyd but will be near the top of the search results list. This is because the search engine is looking for keyword repetition. If someone writes an article, their byline (name) usually only appears once. Thus, an article mentioning a social event she participated in (where her name appears 2-3 times) may appear before works she actually wrote.
  • Expect the unexpected. New items are constantly being added to Internet Archive, and search accuracy is continuously refined. You may "discover" a new document!

Article Holdings at McGaw Library

The McGaw Library holds 93 unique newspaper articles written by Alice Spencer Geddes Lloyd. These titles are available in our archive and may be viewed by appointment only.

  • Title List (On-campus access only; use ALC credentials to view)
  • Schedule an Appointment to Visit the Archive