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Alice Spencer Geddes Lloyd - A Guide

This guide will help researchers find information about Alice Lloyd, including her early life, her journalism career, and the 45 years she dedicated to educating the youth of Appalachia.

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Early Photographs

Alice Spencer Geddes, c. 1901.
Found in The Diary of William Rufus Mann, archival material, Boston Public Library.
A blurb in the Cambridge Tribune, 8 June 1901, promoting the event this program is from. 

Photos in the McGaw Archive

NOTE: Photos in the McGaw Archives are property of Alice Lloyd College. Reproduction and publication will be granted only by request and through the appropriate licensing. Please visit the library to view these photographs and/or to obtain permission to publish them. 


Alice Lloyd College Archive - Photo File

Lloyd, Alice
Photos from this file:

  1. Alice Lloyd and Dan Martin
  2. Alice Lloyd driving into Kentucky, September 1915
  3. Alice Lloyd and Abisha Johnson
  4. Alice Lloyd standing on a porch
  5. Alice Lloyd shaking "hands" with her dog
  6. Alice Lloyd sits in front of a bookcase.
  7. Alice Lloyd and Ralph Edwards on the set of This is Your Life
  8. The "Jolt Wagon" 
  9. Alice Lloyd - Pensive Pose
  10. Alice Lloyd walking along Caney
  11. Mrs. Geddes handing mail to a boy
  12. Mrs. Geddes receiving the mail at the Pippapass Post Office
  13. Alice Lloyd's Oliver No. 9 Typewriter
  14. The Grave of Alice Lloyd
  15. Alice Lloyd's Grave #2
  16. Memorial arrangement with sheet music for "The Ballad of Alice Lloyd"
  17. The Founder's Shack with two "Caney Girls" standing outside of it

Alice Lloyd and June Buchanan
Photos from this file:

  1. Alice Lloyd and June Buchanan stand outside of a building

Photographic Archive

Accession Number 288C-LL45-75
Subject: Lloyd, Alice
Description: Miss Alice Lloyd stands behind a desk holding strips of paper. A typewriter sits on the desk and a leopard skin coat hangs behind her.