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Alice Spencer Geddes Lloyd - A Guide

This guide will help researchers find information about Alice Lloyd, including her early life, her journalism career, and the 45 years she dedicated to educating the youth of Appalachia.

Settlement Schools of Appalachia

Settlement Schools of Appalachia (KET, 1995) documents the history of the Settlement School movement in Eastern Kentucky. The Caney Creek School (Alice Lloyd College) is featured prominently. 

This is Your Life, Alice Lloyd

This is Your Life, Alice Lloyd - YouTube (embedding disabled)

In 1955, June Buchanan and Dan Martin tricked Alice Lloyd into appearing on This is Your Life, NBC's Emmy-winning biography program. At the end of the episode, the show's presenter and producer, Ralph Edwards, made a plea to America: send a dollar bill to Mrs. Lloyd. And America heeded that request. Caney Junior College received a much-needed influx of funds and the story of Alice Lloyd became known across the nation. 

Miracle on Caney Creek

In Miracle on Caney Creek (Louisville Productions, 1982), Ralph Edwards presents an overview of the history of Alice Lloyd's work at Caney Creek. Featuring interviews with June Buchanan, Dan Martin, Jerry C. Davis, and notable alumni. 

Stay on, Stranger

Stay on, Stranger - YouTube (embedding disabled)

"Stay on, Stranger" (1955), an episode of ABC's Cavalcade of America, is a dramatization of the Alice Lloyd story starring Peggy Converse (Alice Lloyd) and Lon Chaney Jr. (Zeke Wells). The script was adapted for television from William S. Dutton's Stay On, Stranger (Ferrar, Straus & Cudaby, 1954).