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MLA Formatting Guide for Microsoft Word: Spell Check

This guide provides a step by step overview of how to set up documents for MLA style in Microsoft Word. The guide also reviews the tools available in Microsoft Word and how they might be useful in a student's paper.

How to Use Spell Check in Microsoft Word

Spell check and grammar check are two essential tools for editing a paper. To access them in Microsoft Word:

1. Click on the Review tab. 


2. On the far left side of the tab, click the “Spelling & Grammar” button. 


3. From there, if there are any mistakes, the Spelling & Grammar check tool will identify them and offer solutions. The box will appear on the right side of the window.


4. To change a spelling mistake, select the word that best matches your intended spelling. Click "Change."

5. When finished, Word will show this message box:

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